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Parcls Amsterdam 136

Online shopping becomes even easier with PARCLS

If you shop online often, you get lot of parcels sent to your home. It’s inconvenient – you’re either staying home a lot to answer the door, or you need to keep a lot of neighbours happy. And all those delivery vans coming and going: superbad for the planet.



  • Pick up

    Ordering online is now even easier with one pick-up point for all your packages.

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  • Priority

    With a subscription to Priority Lane you never wait longer than necessary for your package. For only € 2.99 per month you can easily pass the line and you will always be at the forefront of PARCLS in the future.

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  • Returns

    Are you not satisfied with your order? Then easily send it back via Parcls.

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  • To send

    Do you have something to send? Arrange it easily and quickly via Parcls.

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  • To deliver

    Have all your packages delivered to Parcls, we will deliver it to you in one go at a time that suits you.

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  • Free

    If you only use us for picking up and sending parcels, our service is free. You do have to register for this.

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  • Bring it on!

    With our "Bring it on" subscription you get all your packages delivered to your home every week. We collect all your orders and deliver them to your home or office once a week at a fixed time.

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Our neighbour-review

Rombout Buquet

Finally I can receive parcels again. Thanks to Parcls on the Ceintuurbaan, I receive with certainty what I order. It is also nice that there is no need to drive a bus through the city for me and the excellent and friendly service I received today. I strongly recommend this service !!!

Thomas de Leeuw

What a top service, really super relaxed to have a parcel shop for all carriers around the corner.

Mimoena Kamp

What a top company this is. The people who work there are great! All equally nice and customer-friendly. And especially Reggie! This week I came in with a face mask to pick up a package and he just knew who I was. A really great company with a lot of service!

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