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Parcls your second front door

We are Parcls! Your second front door: always home, always close by and ready to receive your packages. You: order online, like you always did. Just pick a PARCLS pick up point as your destination. We: receive all your stuff – no matter the delivery service - and we keep it safe until you drop by.


Our mission: The last mile

The number of vans running in the city for parcel delivery puts an enormous pressure on the city. We prefer to offer a sustainable solution for this. With which we improve the quality of life in the city with fewer emissions and fewer buses in the street.

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Join team PARCLS

Enthusiasm and service are our top priority. We are happy to take care of your packages. And also go all out for a clean neighborhood. We do this with a nice team of store employees and couriers. If you also want to make our customers happy with your commitment, check this button and then fill in the form and who knows, we may soon see you behind the counter.

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Parcls: your green neighbor

In Amsterdam alone, we provided more than 350,000 packages sustainably in 2020. That is a saving of up to 55,000 kg of CO2 emissions.

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Our neighbour-review

Mimoena Kamp

What a top company this is. The people who work there are great! All equally nice and customer-friendly. And especially Reggie! This week I came in with a face mask to pick up a package and he just knew who I was. A really great company with a lot of service!

Rene Bouwman

Ruime openingstijden, vlotte afhandeling, in een keer DHL en DPD inleveren. Beter dan bij de opticien, die eerst nog een bril moet verkopen.


Super efficiente en vriendelijke service, altijd met een grote glimlach

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