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Parcls Amsterdam 41

Parcls provides all of Amsterdam with parcel points

21 January 2021

With 1.7 million euros from AKEF, Rabobank and private investors, will provide all of Amsterdam with package points

Amsterdam, January 21, 2021

Parcls is an Amsterdam parcel service where consumers can store, collect, return and have their parcels delivered at home. The company, which started in 2016 with its first neighborhood parcel point, currently has four stores in Amsterdam. What makes Parcls so unique is that consumers can send parcels from different carriers to Parcls, so that the parcels can be collected together. This eliminates unnecessary transport movements.

Parcls currently has a parcel point in the Center, the Pijp, Spaardammersbuurt and Watersgraafmeer. A parcel point will be opened on Kinkerstraat in February. For the expansion within Amsterdam, AKEF (Amsterdam Climate and Energy Fund), Rabobank and the existing shareholders have provided 1.7 million euros in financing to Parcls. With these resources, Parcls can provide 650,000 households in Amsterdam with their own neighborhood parcel point and local bicycle delivery.

Hans Lingeman, General Manager Parcls: “We are extremely happy with the loans from AKEF and Rabobank. With this financing, both investors express their confidence in the viability of our physical and staffed parcel points that provide a sustainable and customer-friendly solution for the explosively growing parcel market. You can find our parcel points in shopping streets. With the package points, we create 100 new jobs locally for jobseekers and attract extra visitors for local shops. How beautiful is that?”

Casper Heijsteg, AKEF: “The number of vans that enter the city for parcel delivery puts enormous pressure on the quality of life in the city. By bundling packages from different carriers, unnecessary transport movements are eliminated. In addition, the parcels are delivered at home by Parcls zero emission. This saves CO2 and increases the quality of life in the city. ”

Darios Agianniotakis, Rabobank: "Helping entrepreneurs grow sustainably is extremely important for a future-proof and liveable Amsterdam. With its bundled and fully sustainable delivery, Parcls ensures a significant CO2 reduction in the city. In addition, fewer logistical movements are required to get a package in and out of the city and this reduces traffic congestion. With the investment in Parcls we help in the transition to a sustainable society.

About Parcls: receiving a package, shouldn't it make you happy?

Parcls ( is the sustainable and personal neighborhood package service in Amsterdam. With manned collection points nearby and bundled delivery by bicycle, Parcls makes the collection and delivery of online purchases easier, more sustainable and just as fun as ordering. Parcls currently has 5 stores in Amsterdam where 10,000 registered users already pick up their parcels or have them delivered by bicycle, exactly at a time that is convenient. By cooperating with various web shops and delivery services that use the hubs as a transfer point, parcels no longer have to be delivered by home, door or company and customers no longer have to wait at home. Parcls thus helps to reduce CO2 emissions in cities.

About AKEF

The Amsterdam Climate & Energy Fund (AKEF) was founded by the municipality of Amsterdam. The AKEF invests in projects that have a positive impact on energy savings, sustainable energy generation, energy efficiency and circularity. The investments lead to a demonstrable CO2 reduction within the Amsterdam region. Since its inception in 2014, the fund has invested 64 million euros in 28 projects. The AKEF is managed by e3 Partners.

Our neighbour-review

Rombout Buquet

Finally I can receive parcels again. Thanks to Parcls on the Ceintuurbaan, I receive with certainty what I order. It is also nice that there is no need to drive a bus through the city for me and the excellent and friendly service I received today. I strongly recommend this service !!!

Mimoena Kamp

What a top company this is. The people who work there are great! All equally nice and customer-friendly. And especially Reggie! This week I came in with a face mask to pick up a package and he just knew who I was. A really great company with a lot of service!

Thomas de Leeuw

What a top service, really super relaxed to have a parcel shop for all carriers around the corner.

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