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My package didn't arrive (yet). What should I do?

When you expect a package, but you didn't receive a confirmation yet, your package is not in our store. We advice you to wait untill you receive a confirmation that your package has been delivered.

If you are registered as a Parcls client, you will also receive a notification from us that your package is in store. If you recieved our notification, you know for sure that your package is in our shop.

If you have a confirmation of the carrier, but your parcel is not in store, it is of course very inconvenient. If you need more information, please contact the relevant carrier. Unfortunately we can't do that for you, because of your privacy.

Contact information:

UPS: 020-5040500

DPD: 0900-3734663

GLS: 0900-1116660 or contactform on their website

DHL: 0900-222110 or facebook, twitter or chat on