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Frequently Asked Questions

Sending and receiving UK packages after Brexit

If you ship TO the UK:

You need a commercial or pro forma invoice with your package. The invoice should reflect the true value of the package.


  • VAT will apply upon import into the UK for any package with a value over 15 GBP
  • Duties are charged for any goods over 135 GBP
  • Transit times may change.
  • Rates and additional surcharges may change as a result of customs clearance.
  • Any additional inspections may be required for certain goods such as animal and plant products.

If you receive FROM the UK:

Please note that Parcls does not pay your duties for you to the forwarder. This means any packages that have duties, tax or VAT payable will be refused by us and sent back.

  • There is no charge for anything under €22
  • You have to pay VAT over that amount
  • and also duties for anything over €150
  • see



My package didn't arrive (yet). What should I do?

When you expect a package, but you didn't receive a confirmation yet, your package is not in our store. We advice you to wait untill you receive a confirmation that your package has been delivered.

If you are registered as a Parcls client, you will also receive a notification from us that your package is in store. If you recieved our notification, you know for sure that your package is in our shop.

If you have a confirmation of the carrier, but your parcel is not in store, it is of course very inconvenient. If you need more information, please contact the relevant carrier. Unfortunately we can't do that for you, because of your privacy.

Contact information:

UPS: 020-5040500

DPD: 0900-3734663

GLS: 0900-1116660 or contactform on their website

DHL: 0900-222110 or facebook, twitter or chat on

Openingstijden / opening hours

Beste gebruiker, Dear customer English below, 

Ook met de nieuwe Corona maatregelen mogen wij gelukkig open blijven. Hierdoor verwachten we ook dat het de komende weken extreem druk zal worden. We doen ons uiterste best om je deze tijd zo goed mogelijk te helpen. Alleen samen kunnen we dit doen, daarom vragen we je begrip als het soms niet helemaal gaat zoals je verwacht. Het zijn nou eenmaal gekke tijden en samen maken er het beste van. Hierbij ons advies voor een makkelijk en veilig bezoek aan Parcls:


Check voor je bezoek de website voor de juiste openingstijden. Rondom de feestdagen hebben we aangepaste openingstijden deze vind je per vestiging hier. Klik op jouw locatie, daar vind je de up-to-date tijden voor de komende week. Donderdag 24 en 31 december sluiten we eerder om 15.00 uur. Op 25, 26 december en 1 januari zijn we gesloten.

Onze veiligheidsmaatregelen:

- Maximaal 2 klanten in de winkel
- Mondkapje is in de winkel voor iedereen verplicht
- Betaal met pin/ Schud geen handen
- Toon je ID / niet overhandigen
- We maken alle oppervlakken regelmatig schoon
- Ben je ziek of voel je je niet lekker blijf dan thuis - we kunnen jouw pakket ook bezorgen!
- Blijf gezond

Sneller en veilig je pakket ophalen

Sneller en Covid-proof je pakket ophalen, dat kan vanaf nu met een abonnement op Parcls Priority Lane. Ideaal als je je pakket zo snel mogelijk wil ophalen. Voor slechts € 2,99 per maand hoef je niet meer te wachten en sta jij bij Parcls altijd vooraan in de Priority Lane

We zijn blij dat we ook de komende tijd voor je klaar mogen blijven staan, blijf gezond en maak er ondanks alles het beste van!


Namens het hele team wensen we je ondanks de lock down een fijne en warme tijd. Blijf gezond!

Dear customer,

Fortunately, we can also remain open with the new Corona measures. However, we also expect it to be extremely busy in the coming weeks. We do our best to help you during this time. But, we can only do this together, so we ask for your understanding if sometimes things don't go quite as you expect. It's just crazy times and together we make the most of it. Here is our advice for a quick and safe visit to Parcls:

Opening hours:

Before your visit check the website for opening hours. We have adjusted opening hours around the holidays, which can be found on this page for each location. Click on your location, there you will find the up-to-date times for the coming week. We will close earlier at 3 p.m. on Thursday 24 and 31 December and we are closed on December 25, 26 and January 1.

Stay safe rules:

- Maximum 2 customers in the store
- Mouth mask is mandatory for everyone in the shop
- Pay with pin / Do not shake hands
- Show your ID / don't hand it over
- We clean all surfaces regularly
- Are you sick or not feeling well then stay at home - we can also deliver your package!
- Stay healthy

Pick up your package quickly and safely

Pick up your parcel faster and Covid-proof, from now on with a subscription to Parcls Priority Lane. Ideal if you want to collect your package as soon as possible. For only € 2.99 per month you no longer have to wait and you are always at the front of the Priority Lane (NL) at Parcls.

We are happy that we can continue to be there for you in the coming period, stay healthy and make the best of this crazy time.

On behalf of the entire team, we wish you a nice and warm time despite the lock down. Stay healthy!



I did not receive confirmation of my return
If you drop off a return, we enter your details in one of the shippers apps. Once that's done, we cannot find the entry to check! Please check your spam box or contact the shipper. For your convenience we have a list of relevant numbers here:

GLS 0900-1116660

DPD 0900-3734663

DHL 0900-2222120

DHL Express 088-0552000

UPS 020-5040500


How long can I store my packages at Parcls?

We will store your package as long as 28 days. The first 7 days is free of charge. After 7 days the fee is €0,50 per package per day. After 28 days we will send the package back to the sender. Are you not able to pick up your package within 28 days, for instance because you're traveling? Contact your Parcls store to check what we can do for you.

Do you deliver everything?

We deliver by bicycle which means we can carry a maximum of 10 kilos per package and the seize of a crate of beer per package.

What are the costs?

Picking up your package is free. If we store your package for more than 7 days, you'll pay €0,50 per extra day. 

Do you want to return or send a package? Then you'll pay the standard costs (if they apply).  

We can also deliver your package. The costs are as follows:

Delivery within 11-18, a timeframe of 1 hour: €4,95 (€1,- per extra package)

Delivery within 18-20, a timeframe of 1 hour: €5,95 (€1,- per extra package)

What information do you need from me?

We need to know where you want to receive your packages if you’ve requested delivery. You can enter multiple addresses on your account, for example, your work or a family member's address in addition to your own address. 

To be able to send you a message when your package arrives at Parcls we need your Dutch mobile phone number and your e-mail address. You can choose to be notified by e-mail or text message.


When you pick up a package, you can open it in the store to check if you’re happy with your order. If not, we can return it immediately for you.


Receive multiple packages

Do you expect multiple packages in one day? If every single package does not exceed the maximum weight / size we can bring everything in one go. You can indicate this in ‘My Parcls’. The maximum weight per package is 10 kilos and the seize of a crate of beer.

Can anyone else pick up my package?

Yes. When someone else comes to pick up your package he/she needs your ID ánd his/her own ID (or a copy or photo).