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Parcls Amsterdam 139

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a question about your package or are you looking for additional information about on of our Parcls stores? Check our FAQ and see if you can find your answer.

Questions about your package

Below you will find the frequently asked questions about your package. If it is not listed here, please visit our store or send us an e-mail with your question.

  • If you drop off a package that requires you to receive a shipping receipt, we'll enter your email or 06 at the store. We do this in the carrier's app. If your package has been given, we can no longer check it for you! The proof may also be in your spam, otherwise you will have to contact the carrier.

    These are the numbers:
    GLS 0900-1116660
    DPD 0900-3734663
    DHL 0900-2222120
    DHL Express 088-0552000
    UPS 020-5040500

  • If you ship TO the UK:

    There must be an invoice with your package, showing the correct value of your package.

    and also:

    the recipient pays VAT if it is worth more than 15 GBP, and excise duty if it is worth more than 135 GBP.

    • It may take longer for your package
    • there may be additional costs for customs clearance
    • it can be opened to check for plants and animal products .

      If you receive FROM the UK:

      Parcls does not pay the carrier to receive your package.

      Do you expect a package for which you have to pay excise duty, VAT or other costs to the carrier? Then have it delivered to your home, we will not accept it and the package will be returned.

      There are always costs for VAT and you pay excise duty for a value above €150. Also look at
  • If you expect a package, but you have not yet received a proof of delivery, the package is not yet in the store. It is then best to wait until you receive a proof of delivery.

    If you are registered with Parcls as a customer, you will also receive a message from us when your package is in our store. If you have received a message from us, you can be sure that your package is in the store.

    If you have received a delivery notice from the carrier, but the package is not (yet) in the store, that is of course very annoying. If you would like to know more, please contact the relevant carrier. Unfortunately we are not allowed to do that for you due to your privacy.

    Contact details:

    GLS 0900-1116660
    DPD 0900-3734663
    DHL 0900-2222120
    DHL Express 088-0552000
    UPS 020-5040500

  • Your package may remain with us for 28 days. Please note: after 7 days you pay €0.50 per 24 hours that the package is with us. We will return a package after 28 days. Does it ever happen that the package has to stay there longer, for example because you are travelling? Please contact the relevant branch and we can see if we can agree on the package.

  • Yes, we also deliver parcels in a number of zip codes around your parcel point. Check locations to see which zip codes are exactly.

    You can schedule and pay for the delivery via your account on My Parcls. The price depends on the period in which we deliver the package.

    Delivery during the day (between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.): One-hour period (e.g. between 13:00-14:00) €4.95 (€1 per extra package)

    Delivery in the evening (between 6 and 8 p.m.): One-hour period (e.g. between 19:00-20:00) €5.95 (€1 per extra package)

  • You can have everything delivered at Parcls. If you receive a lot of packages during the week, our Priority Lane is super handy for you. We collect all your packages and prepare them for you. You choose the time to pick them up. And (drum roll...) you can always use the express counter! So no more waiting. More info?

    Check our subscriptions for even more options, for example you can also have all your packages delivered to your home once a week.

  • We deliver by bicycle. Your package must therefore fit in our cargo bike. That means a maximum of 10 kilos per package and in size no larger than a case of beer.

  • Pick up is completely free. If your package stay with us for longer than 7 days, then you pay €0.50 per extra day.

    Do you want to have your package delivered? Then you pay the following costs:

    * delivery on the hour between 11-18: €4.95 (€1 per extra package)

    * delivery on the hour between 18-20: €5.95 (€1 per extra package).

  • To be able to send you a message when your package has arrived at Parcls, we need your 06 number and your e-mail address. You can choose an e-mail or SMS notification.

    You can also enter multiple delivery addresses in your account. Of course your home address, but also, for example, the address of your work or family members. Please note: we only deliver to certain zip codes around your parcel point. Check here which zip codes are exactly.

  • As a Parcls customer, you can also return your packages to us. And if you come to collect the package, you can already open it in the store and have it returned immediately if you do not like the contents.

  • Do you expect several packages in one day? If the packages together do not exceed the maximum weight / size, we can deliver everything in one go. You can indicate this in My Parcls. The maximum weight is 10 kilos per package and the maximum size per package is comparable to a case of beer.

  • Yes, that's possible. If the person who comes to collect your package can show your ID and your own ID (or a copy or photo of the ID).

  • Een pakket mag niet te groot, te lang of te zwaar zijn.

    We hebben een handig overzicht gemaakt waarin je kan zien wanneer je bij moet betalen. En soms is het zo groot of zwaar dat het alleen kan na overleg. Heb je vragen? Dan kan je het in de winkel altijd even vragen.

    In deze flyer kan je zien wat er kan (en wat niet):

    Maten en gewichten

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Priority subscription

With our Priority subscription you will never wait longer than necessary for your package. And you will always be at the forefront of Parcls.

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Our neighbour-review

Rombout Buquet

Finally I can receive parcels again. Thanks to Parcls on the Ceintuurbaan, I receive with certainty what I order. It is also nice that there is no need to drive a bus through the city for me and the excellent and friendly service I received today. I strongly recommend this service !!!

Thomas de Leeuw

What a top service, really super relaxed to have a parcel shop for all carriers around the corner.

Mimoena Kamp

What a top company this is. The people who work there are great! All equally nice and customer-friendly. And especially Reggie! This week I came in with a face mask to pick up a package and he just knew who I was. A really great company with a lot of service!

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