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Take out a subscription and have all your packages delivered. Your Parcls are delivered between 17 and 20! Or choose Saturday morning.

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    Ordering online is now even easier with one pick-up point for all your packages.

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    Are you not satisfied with your order? Then easily send it back via Parcls.

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    Have all your packages delivered to Parcls, we will deliver it to you in one go at a time that suits you.

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    Create your account via "My Parcls".

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    Pick a PARCLS pick up point as your destination

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    You will receive a message from us as soon as your package arrives!

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    Pick up your package at the Parcls near you. Or have it delivered when it suits you.

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We love parcls!

If you shop online often, you get lot of parcels sent to your home. It’s inconvenient – you’re either staying home a lot to answer the door, or you need to keep a lot of neighbours happy. And all those delivery vans coming and going: superbad for the planet.

PARCLS means fewer vans in the streets, less waiting at the door, more smiles for the Last Mile.

People, planet, PARCLS.

Wait no longer!


With a subscription to Priority you never wait longer than necessary for your package. As from now on you will always be at the forefront of Parcls.

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Our neighbour-review

Rene Bouwman

Ruime openingstijden, vlotte afhandeling, in een keer DHL en DPD inleveren. Beter dan bij de opticien, die eerst nog een bril moet verkopen.

Rombout Buquet

Finally I can receive parcels again. Thanks to Parcls on the Ceintuurbaan, I receive with certainty what I order. It is also nice that there is no need to drive a bus through the city for me and the excellent and friendly service I received today. I strongly recommend this service !!!


Super efficiente en vriendelijke service, altijd met een grote glimlach

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